Carter – Personal Bio


Carter Wanzek

Son of previous owner, Dave Wanzek, and brother of current owner Amanda Wanzek-Samons joined Gedi Prime in 2020 as our Receptionist and administrative specialist. Gedi Prime continues to stay family owned and operated.







Carter has expertise apprenticing for different jobs whether it’s office work or electrical. He takes every opportunity to learn something new and works well at the task. We are confident in his skills to pick up new things and effectively help the office. Since he’s grown up around the office and learning different things from Dave, the things that he has picked up and learned are not foreign to him. His education is one that comes from years of absorbing different things which is extremely beneficial for our office.


  • Former electrical tech
  • Involved with different aspects being head of his lighting position
  • Reception position since 2020 at Gedi Prime
  • Transitioned into helping with payroll for other clients within our office


Carter’s experience ranges from small jobs from a young age to different positions he’s had with his former lighting job and now with Gedi Prime. He has experience being taught different things and executing those things taught, experience with payroll, Quickbooks, taking calls, handling customer’s questions, and setting appointments. Carter is very practiced with the technology & software we use to help efficiently get our clients work done well.