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Marketing / Bookkeeping

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Carter Wanzek

Front Desk / Payroll

Tyanna Wilson

Marketing / Bookkeeping

Becki Warner


I¬†have had experience working with websites before establishing Gedi Primes’s site. I have maintained my own photography website for 5+ years and made and maintained a website for a collegiate baseball team that played a season in Lake Havasu. I also made numerous flyers for the baseball team, my photography, and Gedi Prime.

Furthermore, I have dedicated several years to organizing paperwork, which has aided in my familiarity with various elements within the office. In addition, I have been consistently gaining additional experience by providing assistance and contributions at Gedi Prime on a regular basis.


Tyanna is in charge of the main goals of the marketing at Gedi Prime and picks up various bookkeeping work to help the office run efficiently.

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